E3 Madness Ep.2


E3 episode here, covering all Microsoft and playstation E3 coverage with a tiny bit of Nintendo, we get into a lot of different topics at random times in a fast pace through the content. We try to stay on topic but sometimes funny shit arrives, Chrome was absent this episode but had the opportunity to pick up another caster, Volk swaggen he hits us with some knowledge from the Pokemon world and some different views on the upcoming releases, here is the list of topics we covered.

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First Base Ep.1


Rated R

The boys are back, with a little rant and knowledge for you, we cover Tom Clancy's The Division, Elder scrolls online, and Overwatch and of course we talk about E3 a bit video games movies, RPGs and everything in between.

Our Shoutouts included d3dscr33n's stream schedule for now is 10am-12pm pst. every Saturday  https://www.twitch.tv/d3dscr33n you can follow her PC building process on Instagram also at https://www.instagram.com/d3dscr33n/

Chromosomegnome's Shoutout was a DZR listener from the Discord Cpt.underdog XBL GT

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Our introduction to the podcast and what we have to offer our new listeners, We like to drink beer talk about video games and talk shit. Hopefully some of you guys enjoy our entertainment and keep coming back.

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