18+ This Episode is Raw and Unedited, we usually take some time to cut the random rants and unecessary curse words. As for content, We finally get to talk about all the E3 Madness this year Covering all of the Xbox Briefing and some others as well, Please keep in mind these are our opinions no need for community salt. hope you enjoy, Thanks For Listening.

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Welcome to Episode 11, this one is for all our listeners a huge Thanks to everyone that has supported us through the past year, all the old Podcasters to the first Viewer on our stream, We Thank You All. now thats over with keep listening to catch our detailed rundown on Call Of Duty WWII, Destiny 2, and South Park the Fractured Butthole. Enjoy our perspective on these Upcoming titles and remember to follow us on our social media to keep up with our content. Episode 12 E3 news, should be fun.

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Beam Souls Ep.10


In this episode we cover our experiences with Beam and some of the fine people we have met, comparison to twitch a bit, Overwatch new event, Elder scrolls replay and new character builds, DARK SOULS III, We as a team decided to up the anty with some serious gameplays with the never so popular Dark Souls III, a game truly built to test the patience and skills of a seasoned Video Gamer, i now have joined the brotherhood have you??


Show Notes

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We Dive into Ghost Recon Wildlands Open Beta and try to cover absolutely everything probably missed something i'm sure, Remeber to Check out the Giveaway post on our instagram and Facebook all you need to do is,

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(Also Side note the beta was so good we decided to add a copy of Ghost Recon Wildlands Just saying)



Here is a very Unorganized List of things we covered

Character Creation

Story Run Through

Gameplay Mechanics

Intense Scenery







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We Back and with more completley unorganized topics and awkward silences then ever, In Episode 8 We talk mainly about the new title that has just released "For Honor" from Ubisoft. Covering Beta experiences as well as full game story SPOILERS, we also cover some extra News we have over our First Give away!! some details on what exactly we are trying to do with our Giveaways. Not to leave out the few random things we also covered like Our Forza Success on our social Media, some New Releases coming soon, and our gamer tags for everyone that would like to play Xbox with us.


Xbox One


GT-Volks Swaggen


Episode 7 is here and we have a Special Guest Joshua Binkley is a current Federal Law Enforcement Officer that is bringing a new type of gun safety educational services to you front door, literally kicking your door in. we cover quite a few things, comparing Rainbow Six Siege with real tactical training.

Show Notes.

New Game releases/DLC Releases

Black friday adventures/crazy people

FPS Vs. Real Scenario

Double T.A.P Shooting


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We are back from our month hiatus, and ready to grind out some good episodes for everyone. We have quite a few things planned but like always we like to take our time so all goals are met accordingly. On this episode we cover the following topics.


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Unfortunate Election

Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare

Battlefield 1

REMASTERED Skyrim & Modern Warfare

a bit of rambling above and beyond

like always enjoy the unorganized hidden humor


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Welcome back, We missed you all, not really but here is Episode 5 with Mito and Volk. Artizik was absent this episode for reasons unknown (he is deadshot) and Brotein dipped out for lack of time and interest. Surprise! on Another note in this episode we will be covering the following lame ass topics.

Enjoy the unorganized hidden humor.

Video Game release season
Resident evil 4
Destiny- Rise of Iron
Halloween Hype
TV shows-Stranger things (don't listen its terrible)
New Movies-Suicide Squad
No Mans Sky Gameplay
Life is strange
The Park
Forza 3
and others

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Our jokes aren't funny, there is excessive laughing, odd analogies and lots of bullshit. Mito and Volk talk VR, Nintendo NES, Overwatch, Pokemon Go. While Brotein and Artiztik are on vacation we are hard at work trying to figure out the Virtual reality paradox.

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Pokemon Go Ep.3


Pokemon Go is bringing all different kinds of people together, it doesn't matter who you are or what you do we can all relate to catching the most powerful a rarest kinds of Pokemon, come with us on this episode and listen to our first hand experiences with the ever popular mobile game Pokemon Go. We cover strategies, items, pokestops, Micro transactions, gym battles, and a few more things. Remember if you want to be apart of our shoutouts in the episodes send us an email at hhgamingpodcast@gmail.com

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